Thursday, August 22, 2019

Bonuscast | The Jay Hopkins Interviews: Volume 2 - Erin Fleming

Before Jay Hopkins became internationally famous as the special guest on Episode 15 of the Marx Brothers Council Podcast, he was already beloved as social media gadfly and leader of the Marx Brotherhood. During the Brotherhood's golden age, Jay conducted numerous exclusive interviews with noteworthy figures from the Marx Brothers universe. Jay has generously agreed to allow some of those interviews to be released here as bonus episodes. These are the Jay Hopkins Interviews.

[In case you missed it, we previously issued Volume One in this series, Jay's 1979 interview with You Bet Your Life creator John Guedel.]

Official description: "The second in our exclusive series of vintage interviews from the archives of Marx Brotherhood founder, Jay Hopkins. From 1979, Jay talks with the infamous Erin Fleming, Groucho’s secretary, personal manager, and companion in his final years. Erin details day-to-day life with Groucho, as well as the celebrities and events she seemed to crave. She’s opinionated, charming and infuriating. It’s a unique and revealing look at the complex woman who became the center of a storm of controversy."

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  1. Hearing from Fleming reminds me of a man who would be an excellent guest. Steve Stoliar was Groucho's archivist during the last three years of his life. His book "Raised Eyebrows" details his experience with Groucho and Fleming. An extremely interesting read. And the book is in development to be released as a major motion picture.

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  4. I mention Stoliar's great book at the end of this podcast, and in fact, we have a vintage Jay Hopkins interview with Steve which we'll post in the next few months. We are going to wait until the film is further along before we try getting him on the podcast....

  5. Thanks. I couldn't quite make it through the entire interview. Don't know if it was the age of the recording or other factors but I had a lot of problems understanding Fleming.

  6. Oh, she's adorable. I'm so sorry how things turned out. I wish I could change her fate.

    She's lovely. I feel quite sure I would've fallen in love with her.


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