Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Bonuscast | The Jay Hopkins Interviews: Volume 1 - John Guedel

Before Jay Hopkins became internationally famous as the special guest on Episode 15 of the Marx Brothers Council Podcast, he was already beloved as social media gadfly and leader of the Marx Brotherhood. During the Brotherhood's golden age, Jay conducted numerous exclusive interviews with noteworthy figures from the Marx Brothers universe. As hinted in Episode 15 of the podcast, Jay has generously agreed to allow some of those interviews to be released here as bonus episodes. And so, we now inaugurate a series within our series: Welcome to The Jay Hopkins Interviews.

The official description: "The first in our exclusive series of vintage interviews from the archives of Marx Brotherhood founder, Jay Hopkins. From 1979, Jay talks to You Bet Your Life creator and producer John Guedel about the genesis of the show, how it was put together each week, and how the show library was on the verge of being discarded in the early ’70s before John and Groucho came to the rescue...which in turn, led to its huge revival."

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  1. Hi,
    When I talk to my mom [born in 1942] about how much I love Chico's piano playing, she tells me that when she was a kid, he had a TV show where he was a band leader. During part of the show he would be alone at the piano. She makes it sound like this was something that happened once a week. I cannot find any evidence that this was really a thing. What can you guys tell me about it? I'm not expecting there to be any video evidence... but at least a confirmation that it was weekly, and how long did it last? Loving the podcasts (although I'm only on ep.4 or 5). Thanks

    1. Chico's only regular tv role was in a 1950-51 series entitled "College Bowl", where he portrayed the owner of a campus soda shop...and occasionally played the piano. The only existing episode of the show is the last one....

  2. Bob did such a great job with the edit. Kudos, again.


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