Episode Guide

(Guest: Heidi Gassel)
Deep dive: Animal Crackers (1930)

(Guest: Brad Sohlo)
The Marxes, the intellectuals, and Woollcott

Harpo appreciation episode

(Guest: Scott Alexander)
The unproduced Kalmar and Ruby script

Deep dive: Go West (1940)

(Guest: Glenn Mitchell)
A look at The Marx Brothers Encyclopedia

(Guest: Anthony Strand)
            Double Dynamite (1951) and A Girl in Every Port (1952)

(Guests: Jay Hopkins, Bernie Smith)
You Bet Your Life deep dive

Marx Brothers hot takes

(Guest: Adam Gopnik)
Deep dive: Horse Feathers (1932)

(Guest: Nell Minow)

(Guest: Nick Santa Maria)
Deep dive: The Marx Bros. Scrapbook (1973)

(Guest: Hannah Mira)

(Guest: Steve Stoliar)

Deep dive: Love Happy (1949)

Deep dive: The Marx Brothers TV Collection (2014)

(Guest: Eddie Deezen)

(Guest: Joe Adamson)

(Guest: Scott Alexander)
Deep dive: A Night in Casablanca (1946)

Deep dive: An Evening with Groucho (1973)

(Guests: David Zucker and Pat Proft)

(Guest: Nick Santa Maria)

(Guest: Andy Marx)
            Deep dive: A Night at the Opera (1935)

(Guest: John Tefteller)
            Jay's 1984 conversation with Marx Brothers writer and friend Nat Perrin

            Jay's 1984 conversation with Marx Brothers writer and friend Nat Perrin

Our own chronological "Best of the Marx Brothers" film

Deep dive: The Marx Brothers in a Nutshell (1982)

Deep dive: At the Circus (1939)

Episode 24 | Take a Letter!
(Guest: Andrea Orlando)
All-Zeppo Zeppisode
Jay's conversation with Groucho's secretary and author of Raised Eyebrows, 1979

Episode 23 | Monkey Distance
(Too many guests to list!)
Our special coronavirus quarantine episode
Jay's conversation with the Son of Groucho, 1984
The year between Paramount and MGM

Deep dive: The Cocoanuts (1929)

Deep dive: Copacabana (1947)
The Groucho/Chico encounters

Episode 18 | Marx Brothers: Unsolved
(Guest: Stewart Tryster)
These are the most persistent mysteries we've ever seen
Jay's conversation with Groucho's manager and companion, 1979
Deep dive: Room Service (1938)
The team after 1949
Jay's conversation with the producer of You Bet Your Life, 1979
The Marx Brothers Renaissance of the 1960s and 1970s

Episode 14 | Look at Chicolini
(Guest: Trav S.D.)
A close look at Chico Marx, if we can find him
Deep dive: Duck Soup (1933)
Kyle Crichton's The Marx Brothers, and proposed Marx biopics
The Marxes and surrealism, with a look at the Giraffes on Horseback Salad graphic novel

Episode 10 | The Marx Brothers in the 21½ Century
The Marx fandom, past, present, and future
Just a few festive words, and desperate pleas that you buy our books

Episode 9 | A Good Buy From MGM
(Guest: Nick Santa Maria)
Deep dive: The Big Store (1941)
Matthew, Bob, and Noah respond to listener questions
Deep dive: Monkey Business (1930)

Episode 6: The Missing Marx Brothers
(Guests: Stewart Tryster, Tom Racz)
Lost moments from the Marx canon
The Marx Brothers and music

Bonus Epsiode: More Marsden!
(Guest: Les Marsden)
An extended cut of the Les Marsden interview excerpted in Episode 4

Episode 4: Myths, More, and Les
(Guest: Les Marsden)
Myths are debunked, Original Voice Tracks LP is discussed, and Noah chats with Les Marsden
Deep dive: A Day at the Races (1937)
General chatter, least favorite moments, and Bob chats with Joe Adamson
Introductions and initial film rankings

Episode 50: The Gods Look Down and Laugh (Our Animal Crackers Deep Dive featuring Heidi Gassel)

Not every Marx Brothers fan would name  Animal Crackers  when asked which film is their favorite, but as it happens, all three of your hosts...