Episode Guide

Episode 10: The Marx Brothers in the 21½ Century

Bonus Episode: Holiday Minicast

Episode 9: A Good Buy From MGM (Guest: Nick Santa Maria)

Episode 8: Gentlemen, Question Mark

Episode 7: Too Late, That's Monkey Business Already (Guest: Andrea Orlando)

Episode 6: The Missing Marx Brothers (Guests: Stewart Tryster, Tom Racz)

Episode 5: One of Our Own Compositions, by Cinco Paul (Guest: Cinco Paul)

Bonus Epsiode: More Marsden! (Guest: Les Marsden)

Episode 4: Myths, More, and Les (Guest: Les Marsden)

Episode 3: You Don't Have to Pay Us, But You Can't Fire Us (Guest: Frank Ferrante)

Episode 2: Noah, Bob, Joe, and Sometimes Matthew (Guest: Joe Adamson)

Episode 1: The Magazines Leave the Depot


  1. Another fun episode. I like Q&A episodes as a change of pace.
    35-40 (min): Discussion of Chico as a comedian. Not an original thought probably, but I will submit that Chico is the glue. He connects with Groucho with the puns and Broken English, and he connects with Harpo on a more visceral level. Chico "gets him."
    ~65-70 (min): Discussion of people disliking B&W. I have met a few people who don't like B&W, or maybe more accurately, think they don't like it. Most of them can convert with some time and practice. I think movies that have both B&W and color are helpful, such as Wizard of Oz and Pleasantville.

  2. Finishing up the latest pod cast just before dinner. Normally, I get bored listening to any pod cast that goes beyond five minutes, but here I am thoroughly enjoying a pod cast that seems to fall just a few minutes short of the stage presentation of Nicholas Nickleby. Nice work, Gentleman!

    1. Thanks, Jay! We'll have to try harder to bore you next time.

  3. i found a silent movie with the brothers dealing with guys in arabian garb with swords. i can't find anything on it. the film is just about dust because it's so old. help

    1. Possibly A NIGHT IN CASABLANCA - the sword fight scene with Harpo??


Episode 21: No Snow and No Ice

Oh, among the mangoes, where the monkey gang goes, you can hear them talking, and talking, and talking about the first Marx Brothers mo...