Saturday, May 7, 2022

Episode 46: Deridin' the Range (Our Go West Deep Dive)

In 1851, Horace Greeley uttered a phrase that did much to change the history of these United States. He said: "NOBODY WANTS TO HEAR A PODCAST ABOUT GO WEST, YOUNG MAN!" This is a story of three men who made Horace Greeley wish he had said it louder.

Official description: "WARNING: The following podcast includes explicit descriptions of subpar screenwriting, overwrought direction, and all-around lousy decision-making.

"Admittedly not our favorite Marx Brothers film, but one we sure had fun talking about. We explore whether the problem is the material or just our expectations. We ask if the road tour actually helped, why they switched Dan Wilsons, and how come MGM didn’t spend $4000 to save $50,000.

"Along the way, we are joined by the late June MacCloy, who played the whore Lulubelle, with juicy excerpts from a 1999 interview.

"Like prospectors in the old west, we sift thru the dreck to find nuggets of gold…or in this case, smaller pieces of dreck. Expect our trademark misguided insight and lame sarcasm peppered with way too many references to the Three Stooges."

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