Sunday, March 6, 2022

Episode 44: Double Disappointment (featuring Anthony Strand)

Isn't it interesting that Groucho made some movies without his brothers? Back in Episode 20, we tackled this question with regard to Copacabana (1947), and concluded that yes, it is somewhat interesting. And now, joined by Anthony Strand (of and the Muppet movie podcast Movin' Right Along) we apply the same thinking to Groucho's odd double feature of early-fifties RKO releases, Double Dynamite (1951) and A Girl in Every Port (1952). Are these films interesting? Is this episode interesting? These are interesting questions -- or are they?

Official description: "We are joined by self-proclaimed Muppet geek and co-host of the Movin’ Right Along podcast, Anthony Strand, for a look at two of Groucho’s solo efforts, Double Dynamite and A Girl in Every Port.

"Despite the episode’s title, we think these films are just fine…where else can you see the world’s greatest comedian and the world’s greatest singer do a duet on a treadmill, or watch the dad from Hazel cheat on the sister of Groucho’s future wife. Along the way, we dump on Jane Russell, exalt Marie Wilson, and somehow claim Frank Sinatra is miscast as a character who’s described as looking like Frank Sinatra.

"So, if you want to learn who 'Icy Knockers' is, or the only performer besides Groucho to appear in both films, join us…you’re as sick as we are."

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1 comment:

  1. You fine fellows have stronger stomachs than me. I had to turn off "Double Dynamite" after roughly 25 minutes. Not only was it sadly unfunny, it had a distinctly cheap look to it. I did, however, like your fantasy of Groucho becoming part of Preston Sturges' stock company.

    And as for "A Girl in Every Port" -- just the look of a 60 year-old Groucho in that sailor suit was enough to make me skip it.


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