Friday, November 5, 2021

Episode 40: Aboard This Tiny Ship (featuring Nell Minow, the Movie Mom)

Official description: "Renowned film writer Nell Minow joins us to discuss her longtime love affair with the Marxes, her first-hand encounters with two of the brothers, her famous dad’s round of golf with another, and her grandmother’s friendship with two of their spouses!

"Nell also details the origin and mission of her 'Movie Mom' franchise, and discusses the difficulty in getting young people to watch and appreciate classic films these days.

"You’ll learn the surprising connection between Nell and one of your hosts, as well as what she has in common with Andy Marx…and perhaps John Tefteller…and maybe even Steve Stoliar

"A snappy, commute-sized episode!

"Name dropped in this episode: Marlo Thomas, William F. Buckley, Superman."

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