Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Episode 39: Why A Nobile? (Featuring Nick Santa Maria)

Official description: "This month, we take a deep dive into Richard J. Anobile’s controversial work from 1973, The Marx Bros. Scrapbook.

"Joining us is performer/writer/director Nick Santa Maria, who (like Bob) got the book when it first came out, has some deep insight, and (like Groucho) eye-opening opinions. 

"We examine Groucho’s shocking and explicit comments, his mindset, and  inconsistent cooperation. We discuss the Scrapbook’s other interviews, which are almost as provocative as Groucho’s…and often more informative. Later, we delve into the firestorm of controversy which greeted the book upon publication. We pay sincere tribute to Anobile, for his persistence and thick skin, and we lament Zeppo, who comes across as the sourest (and unfunniest) person on Earth.

"NOTE: The Marx Bros. Scrapbook contains very explicit language, and we oft-times quote or paraphrase passages, so be aware that this episode is not for sensitive listeners."

Groucho photo courtesy of Richard J. Anobile.

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Sunday, September 26, 2021

There's Nothing Like Liberty: The Marx Brothers and America streams Friday, October 1

There's Nothing Like Liberty: The Marx Brothers and America, a multimedia program by Noah Diamond, presented by Freedonia Marxonia, has its streaming premiere Friday, October 1, 2021, at 7:00 pm ET.

This new "illustrated lecture" is the sequel to last year's presentation, Home Again: The Marx Brothers and New York City.

There's Nothing Like Liberty features guest appearances by Joe Adamson, Scott Alexander, Ira Dolnick, Hannah Mira, Reginald H. Pitts, Trav S.D., Scott A. Sandage, Seth Shelden, and Amanda Sisk; as well as artwork by Ed Draganski, Rik Sansone, and Tristan Yonce; and photo and video contributions from dozens of members of the Marx Brothers Council, helping to tell the story of the Brothers' vaudevillian odyssey.

The event streams for free, right here.

You can also access the stream at,, and the Freedonia Marxonia website, and this article from BroadwayWorld has more details.

Please join us on Friday evening! Live Q&A to follow.

This presentation is supported by a grant from the Carnahan Jackson Humanities Fund of the Fredonia College Foundation. Freedonia Marxonia is supported by the Hahn Family Freedonia Marxonia Fund of the Fredonia College Foundation.

Episode 48: Your Silent Partner

"I am the most fortunate self-taught harpist  and non-speaking actor who ever lived." Harpo Marx Official description: "With...