Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Episode 37: Raised Questions (featuring Steve Stoliar)

Last year, we had the honor of sharing, for the first time ever, Jay Hopkins' 1979 interview with the multitalented Steve Stoliar, author of Raised Eyebrows: My Years Inside Groucho's House. Today, we've got an all-new conversation with Steve.

Official description: "We are honored to welcome Steve Stoliar, author of the iconic Raised Eyebrows: My Years Inside Groucho’s House.

"Outspoken as ever, Steve is as entertaining as he is candid. But what do you ask a guy who’s been interviewed on just about every podcast known to man (including ours)? Well, we didn’t know either, so we farmed the questions out to our loyal listeners.

"Steve updates us on the Raised Eyebrows movie, and you won’t believe who stays up at night thinking about the casting. He further details life with Erin Fleming, and Groucho’s taste in music, movies, and TV…including a trip to a rock concert. And if you’ve ever wondered what happens when Steve and Dick Cavett get together with a whoopee cushion, wonder no longer!

"To get a personally autographed copy of Raised Eyebrows, go to"

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  1. Man, that man Stoliar is funny! A great writer as he speaks, as well. Most articulate. A great podcast. Thank you, faceless production folk.

  2. I love Stoliar in previous podcasts, including this one, but to me, this time around Stoliar seemed a little too precious and relaxed. “In his cups” might be a better phrase. Or maybe it was the cringe jokes that didn’t land. His book is a must read, and this podcast is the definitive Marx Bros podcast. I just had to be that guy.

    1. It was our intent to not make it a formal interview and have it feel like a conversation...

  3. Terrific! Steve always gives a great interview and this was no exception. You can hear the influence of Steve Allen in his humor.


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