Thursday, June 24, 2021

Episode 36: We Spit on Lester Cowan (Our Love Happy Deep Dive)

Well, you should have known we'd do this eventually. Please join us -- we're begging you -- for a discussion of the universally beloved classic Love Happy. It may not be everyone's favorite Marx Brothers movie -- it may not even be a Marx Brothers movie -- but you have to admit, it is a movie. 

Official description: "DISCLAIMER: Since producer Lester Cowan defied contractual agreements and billed this as starring 'The Marx Brothers,' we are obligated to do an episode about it.

"The brothers search for jewels as we search for laughs…and though it’s not top-tier Marx, there is still plenty to enjoy as well as plenty to ponder. Matthew tells how Chico was the first to agree to appear in a Harpo solo film, Noah is baffled by how the jewels got into a sealed sardine can, and Bob goes off on Marilyn Monroe.

"You’ll learn about the two versions of the film, and why the shorter, less funny one is most likely what you’ve seen. You’ll learn why Groucho and Chico never appear onscreen together…but you won’t learn what those penguins are saying.

"Seriously, it’s not a bad film…wish we could promise the same about this podcast."

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  1. Thanks! I enjoyed this podcast!

  2. Nice deep dive, guys. And Bob, I appreciated your Ed Norton comment!

  3. Also, RE: The Charade Scene. I enjoy these, some more so than others. But I must say it IS my favorite part of Harpo's appearence on I LOVE LUCY when he does it with Ricky and Fred.

  4. I'm surprised at you. Don't you know the first rule of comedy? Sardines are funnier than loaves of bread!

  5. I keep getting a warning that this episode can't be downloaded securely.

    1. Will fix, in the meantime try:

    2. Tried the new one, Bob, but getting the same warning. I've never gotten that warning at any other time. Had no trouble downloading episode 35 just before this. Thanks for looking into it.

    3. Try adding an "s" after the http....

      If it doesn't work, don't worry, it was only "Love Happy"

    4. That did it, Bob. All's well. Thank you, Matthew and Noah for the many hours of quality pods - amusement, information and companionship in hardy measures.

  6. Listened to this episode again (Yes, I've subjected myself to it a FEW times now) and something new stood out. Bob's comment when Harpo gets his harp out of the shed. "He has to dig deep through a lot of crap" or something to that effect. It is actually the springs for his bed, and he is taking the mattress and blankets off of it.


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