Monday, April 12, 2021

Bonus Minicast: Adamson in Casablanca

But wait -- there's more! For our recent Night in Casablanca episode, we'd intended to include a segment with Joe Adamson, in which he'd discuss his evolving feelings about the film since his book was written, as well as the results of some more recent research. But the conversation with Joe was predictably rich enough to be an episode all its own. And so here we are.

Official description: "An addendum to our A Night in Casablanca deep dive (episode 33), Joe Adamson, author of Groucho, Harpo, Chico and Sometimes Zeppo, joins us for a further look. Comparing the finished film to the original script and studio call sheets, Joe theorizes on why changes were made, tantalizes us with scenes that didn’t make the cut, and even mourns a few moments left in. 

"Not joining us for this episode: Scott Alexander."

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  1. Fascinating information! I love that there was a lot taken out by others that would have helped with continuity on many films.

    1. Mike Amowitz, folks! I've never posted in this forum and apparently my settings are not public. I must be going!

  2. Really good podcast - I listened while I was working on a website and was so engaged that I didn't even realize I was working on autopilot. I kept trying to visualize the scenes...


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