Sunday, March 28, 2021

Episode 33: The Boys Are Back in Town

Our Night in Casablanca deep dive is a packed episode, featuring not only the second appearance of boldface name Scott Alexander (see?), but Les Marsden himself lending his voice to some more deleted scene recreations. But don't worry; we gave it back to him after the session.

Official description: "Noted screenwriter and Marx devotee Scott Alexander returns, this time for a deep dive into 'The Howl Raiser of 1946,' A Night in Casablanca.

"The Marxes' screen comeback after five years was a triumph both artistically and financially, though not really appreciated until recent decades. With sharper writing and surprising moments of surrealism, it almost feels like a return to Paramount…but, as we point out, the Thalberg softening of the team was still in evidence. We detail our first experiences with the film, point out plot discrepancies, note classic lines, and most importantly, realize the Marxes could defeat the Nazis even without Zeppo. 

"And as a bonus, The Not Ready For Online Players return for two more deleted scene recreations…"

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  • You can get the newly-restored Night in Casablanca from Classic Flix, on DVD or Blu-ray.


  1. Still listening, but had to comment. The "vest" gag - it is just done! Try it, you can turn the article of clothing inside out by just doing what you see Harpo doing. I have used this bit on stage and it always gets a laugh.

  2. The Changing Rooms Scene. The Count wants Kornblow to feel at ease stepping out (or IN) with Beatrice, so he "leaves town". But he doesn't, so he can pop in and catch them in her room. When Corbaccio shows up, Kornblow wants to go somewhere else, so Beatrice leaves the note. The same then happens in Kornblow's room, so back they go. Rather contrived, but that's how I figure it.

    1. Yes, I get that, but what would be the Count's excuse to the police for coming back to the hotel?

    2. OK Bob, now you're trying too hard to have the plot make sense!

  3. Annette is in jail because they gave the money to her and Pierre, thus she's in cahoots. AND in jail.

  4. That 1970s CBS promo (or close to it): "Get set for an avalanche of laughter as the champs of far-out comedy make chumps of the enemy when the Marx Brothers spend 'A Night In Casablanca.'"


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