Friday, January 29, 2021

Episode 31: Our BRAIN DONORS Special

Our first episode of 2021 is our best episode of the year thus far! In addition to your faithful co-hosts, it features a couple of genuine comedy legends, and a discussion of the film the Marx Brothers would have made if they had made this film.

Official description: "Imagine a Marx Brothers-like film in 1992, now imagine a really good Marx Brothers-like film in 1992…well, imagine no more because such a film actually exists, Brain Donors. Created by the team behind Airplane! and The Naked Gun films, Brain Donors achieved everything it set out to do…except finding an audience. 

"To explain why, and a whole lot more, we are joined by producer David Zucker and screenwriter Pat Proft, both life-long Marx fans. They detail the making of the film, including the casting of John Turturro as the Groucho-inspired lead. David and Pat also discuss the positive feedback Brain Donors received from the studio, until Hollywood politics reared its head and derailed what could have been a series of faux-Marx films. 

"Surely, one of our most requested topics… 

"Name-checked in this episode: Jason Alexander, Bob Costas, Senator Joseph McCarthy."

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  1. I enjoyed the podcast. I was laying in bed watching it (actually listening to it with my eyes closed) and didn't fall asleep once. That's a five star review right there!

  2. I was so so shocked to see a podcast devoted to one of my favorite obscure movies my jaw dropped! (This is literal as I work in an archeology lab and dropped the maw I was working on. My new nickname is now jaw breaker.) As I lifetime Marxist, (Started dressing as Harpo for Halloween at 8, chasing girls at 8:15), I loved the concept. I'm hoping, suggesting, that maybe you do one on the easter eggs in Woody Allen's "Everyone Says I love You". My fav is the song about Canada!
    Keep up the good work! I'll try not to break a leg.

  3. Loved discovering this “new” material! I picked up the movie at my local library - what a treat!


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