Sunday, November 29, 2020

Episode 29: Make That Three Hard Boiled Eggs

Episode 29 is a big one, folks, in which we discuss one of the Marx Brothers' greatest films with a gifted photographer and designer, an accomplished novelist, a fine musician, Groucho's grandson for cryin' out loud, and Gus Kahn's grandson at the same time -- with only one guest!

Official description: "In our NEW longest episode yet, we welcome Groucho’s grandson, Andy Marx, for a deep dive into A Night at the Opera, and a whole lot more…

"Andy recalls growing up with Groucho during the time he went from being a game show host to a legend. We learn about his curious connection to rock stars and speculate on his politics. We also hear about Andy’s other famous grandfather.

"Finally (at 28:40), we turn our attention to what most Marx fans agree is their first film for MGM. We try and make sense out of why this reinvention of the team  works so well…all while doing the unbearable nitpicking we have become famous for!

Name-checked in this episode: Elton John, Richard Nixon, Scott Alexander."

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  1. Groucho and Harpo's office in The Big Store. While Groucho is talking to Margaret Dumont. Harpo throughs an egg shell in the coffee. Is there any significance with that action? The second episode of the Frasier tv show, Martin makes coffee for Frasier when Frasier exclaims about egg shells in coffee.


  3. The song that Groucho is humming in the breakfast scene is "When the Moon Comes Over the Mountain", which was Kate Smith's signature number at the time.

  4. I think Riccardo punches Lasparri for insinuating that Rosa has sex encounters with Riccardo without them being married. That shouldn't be offensive in today's general consensus, but at that time, with the Hays Code being applied and being MGM one of the most conservative studios of Hollywood, the world where the movie takes place is very old fashioned, particularly in what is expected of women. The way Lasparri says his line almost sounds as if calling her a whore.

    1. Well, if he's coming across the ocean for her in a trunk, she better be putting out.

  5. Thanks again, gents. It was a wonderful way to spend 2:23:27.


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