Thursday, July 23, 2020

Episode 26: The Marx Brothers in a Nutshell in a Nutshell

What, we sometimes wonder, does the public want from the world's preeminent Marx Brothers podcast? A topic essential to the Brothers' legacy, but not recently explored in depth? Check! Brilliant and engaging guests who are Marxian A-listers? Check! Skillful editing that makes the three hosts seem almost coherent? Check, please! 

Official description: "Our long overdue look at the definitive Marx Brothers documentary, with our special guests, producer/meme Robert B. Weide, and writer/editor Joe Adamson

"The guys take us on Nutshell’s long journey, full of roadblocks and last minute scrambling. How did they get both Paramount and MGM clips when told it was impossible? Why did PBS viewers not see Woody Allen, and no one see Betty Marx? What happens when you ask Gene Kelly to do a retake? These and many other questions you never asked will all be answered...

"Oh, and if you want to watch The Marx Brothers in a Nutshell before listening, you can purchase a DVD at

"Name-checked in this episode: Kurt Vonnegut, Lauren Bacall, Mort Sahl."

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