Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Episode 25: Send Out the Clowns

About every fourth episode, we devote an entire conversation to a deep-dive exploration of a specific Marx Brothers movie. That being the case, it was inevitable that at some point we would focus on At the Circus, no matter how many people begged us not to. We hope you find this episode enjoyable anyway, but if you don't, remember that it could be worse -- and will be, when we devote an episode to Go West.

Official description: "Our contractually obligated deep dive into At The Circus, where your hosts are as enthused watching the film as the Marxes were in making it. We try our best to make sense out of this jumble of wonderful and embarrassing moments.

"You'll scream as you experience the lost courtroom scene that MGM cut instead of 'Two Blind Loves''ll thrill as we struggle to remember plot points no one cares about anyhow…you'll jump for joy as we play no clips of Groucho yelling 'Help, Pauline!'

"NOTE: This ep does contain moments of explicit language, which should be a hint to those still wondering what we thought of the film.

"Name-checked in this episode: Marilyn Monroe, Eddie Deezen, Adolf Hitler."

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  • The At the Circus page on Mikael Uhlin's website Marxology includes the text of the deleted courtroom scene (as it appeared in The Freedonia Gazette, issue 13), with stills.
  • For Kenny Baker fans, here he is singing "Alone" from A Night at the Opera.
  • Here is the video section of Frank Ferrante's Groucho site.

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