Thursday, May 14, 2020

Episode 24: Take a Letter!

Here at The Marx Brothers Council Podcast, we are determined to address every detail of the Marx Brothers' lives and careers, no matter how obscure! This should prove it.

Official description: "This month we are joined by Zeppo expert/loyalist/fangirl/critic/stalker Andrea Orlando for a two-hour examination of the youngest Marx. Was he the funniest Marx Brother offscreen? Was he even a Marx Brother onscreen? Andrea rips some of Zeppo’s performances, then drools over his ripped shirt in Duck Soup. Matthew adds up his screentime, Noah secretly wonders if this was worth surviving COVID-19 for, while Bob questions how Vanity Fair will react. 

"Yes, we said two hours. About Zeppo Marx. You have something better to do? 

"Name checked in this episode: Frank Sinatra, Barbara Stanwyck, Hal Thompson."

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  • Caption (from the L.A. Herald-Examiner, August 22, 1932) reads "Zeppo Marx, one of the famous four Marx brothers, comedians, re-enacts with typical Marxian interpolations the big jewel robbery at his Los Angeles home. In the first scene he discovers that jewelry valued at $37,600 has been stolen. In the next episode, he starts on the trail of the burglars with a duster, a butcher knife and an idea his three brothers might be helpful."
  • The Marx Brothers Council Podcast is included in Vanity Fair's "Eight Great Movie Podcasts to Try Once You've Finished You Must Remember This!"

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