Sunday, April 12, 2020

Episode 23: Monkey Distance

So, what's new with you? By a strange coincidence, many of us seem to have time on our hands these days, perhaps because, by a strange coincidence, everybody on Earth is suddenly living with the effects of a global pandemic. We immediately snapped into action and started talking about the Marx Brothers. Here, in our unexpected age of isolation, is a Very Special Episode which we hope will make us all feel a little more together. We hope you enjoy it.

NOTE: This episode features submissions from our listeners and members of the Marx Brothers Council group, many of which are videos. Therefore, for maximum enjoyment, we especially recommend the YouTube version of this episode.

Official description: "Quite the opposite of the live get-together this episode was supposed to document, your three quarantined hosts do their best to help you through COVID-19…

"First, we reveal the results of The Marx Brothers Nonsensus where fans made it known what they like and what they want. Let’s just say there are some curious folks out there...or at least a couple of wise guys. Then we dive into the virtual mailbag and play clips of your comments and questions. 

"Name checked in this episode: Jim Carrey, Sydney Greenstreet, Bill Maher."

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  1. The "I don't recall" thing reminds me that I first saw the Marx Bros in the Wayne and Schuster doc. when I was 6 or 7, but the first real film I saw was "Room Service", when was(maybe)10 or 11(I liked it then).

  2. As for the Marx Bros insisting on their old writers again after CIRCUS, I suspect that Kaufman, may not have had a great desire to write for the Marx Bros again. From what I've read about writing for them, it doesn't exactly sound like a picnic.

  3. I missed the request for responses. I would have responded.

  4. This is a long overdue thanks to you three for your wonderful podcasts. I love them all, and I am desperately trying to join the group on Facebook, but haven't been able to. In any case, keep up the great work, and I look forward to all of your future podcasts. Signed, Jeffrey E. Ford (maybe not Spaulding, with the E. definitely NOT for Edgar, but it is the nom-de-plume of someone who wrote and had published a memory and defense of "The Big Store" some seven or eight years ago, that he is convinced no one other than his wife has read.)


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