Monday, February 24, 2020

Episode 22: 1934

Official description: "No, it’s not a sequel to 1917, but something even better! This month we discuss the year that the Marx Brothers didn’t do anything besides lose Zeppo. After finishing Duck Soup in late 1933, the team was without a studio contract, and in no hurry to make another film…in fact, they weren’t certain they wanted to remain in Hollywood at all. We examine the internal and external forces which led them to MGM and Irving Thalberg.

"We’ll also talk about Groucho’s heretofore unknown solo project, A Night at the Brothel.

"Name-checked in this episode: Mickey Rooney, Katherine Hepburn, Hitler, Alec Baldwin."

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  • MPAA Production Code records: A Night at the Opera

  • MPAA Production Code records: A Day at the Races

  • Publicity photos, November 15, 1934:


    1. My observations for what they're worth:

      1) They should have gone to United Artists, which allegedly would have let them produce their own movies and hire whatever writers/directors they wanted.

      2) If not UA, then maybe Goldwyn, because he probably would have given them some creative freedom, as well as the possibility of color movies.

      3) Groucho never looked better than he did in "Opera" and "Races". His appear tailor-made, and his hair & make-up are first rate.

      4) Off-topic: Am I the only one who thinks Arthur Marx looks suspiciously more like Zeppo than Groucho?

    2. 1 & 2...ahh, it's great to daydream

      3. He does look great, but I'm always partial to their Animal Crackers appearance, when they still had a touch of youth.

      4. Are you trying to get Frank Ferrante to kill you?


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