Monday, January 20, 2020

Episode 21: No Snow and No Ice

Oh, among the mangoes, where the monkey gang goes, you can hear them talking, and talking, and talking about the first Marx Brothers movie (except for Humor Risk), adapted from their first Broadway show (except for I'll Say She Is). It's the first time it's ever been mentioned down here, today. If you're too old to listen to this podcast, get yourself a monkey gland! And then let's go.

Official description: "After avoiding its 90th anniversary, Matthew pushes Noah and Bob into the pool for a deep dive into The Cocoanuts. Why did contemporary critics consider it their best? Why does Margaret Dumont get more laughs than Zeppo? Who the hell is Penelope? Noah connects a Groucho line to Star Trek: The Next Generation, Bob brings up Philip Seymour Hoffman, and Matthew is certain one shot was cut for a 1984 British TV broadcast. It’s appointment podcasting!"

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  • You know me -- Prince of Wales:
  • Bob notes, "Harpo leans over, but his mouth doesn't really move":

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