Thursday, November 28, 2019

Episode 20: The Biggest Place in Town

Official description: "A deep dive into Groucho’s first solo effort, 1947’s Copacabana, which can be considered both a success and a failure…as well as neither. Surprisingly, for one of your hosts, this was a first time viewing, so Bob comes up with observations that most of you had decades ago. We explore the fascinating teaming of Groucho with Carmen Miranda, and romances that are undefined and unresolved. The Barry Manilow jokes and song excerpts are kept to a minimum, so don’t be afraid."

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  1. Have a podcast on "Double Dynamite" even though it is a very mediocre film (not quite bad, despite everything). Take, for example, we know that Frank Sinatra was involved with organized crime and look how organized crime is presented in this film in, as such, a favorable light. Look how Groucho doesn't understand his character, if he did, he would have demanded a rewrite as he acts like an annoying Woody Woodpecker and is not the hero of the piece. And Howard Hughes is involved as the then owner of RKO. How and why this film got made would be intersting.

  2. which is

  3. Thanks, Peter -- I'm sure we'll get to DOUBLE DYNAMITE! And A GIRL IN EVERY PORT and even SKIDOO, for that matter. All of them are, as you say, mediocre (SKIDOO is probably worse than that), but interesting nevertheless. The presence of a Marx Brother makes them worthwhile. Until we get to those films on the podcast, you might take a look at Matthew's book THAT'S ME, GROUCHO -- he has interesting things to say about all the Groucho solo efforts, including the genesis of each project.

  4. Great expertise and great humor. Just a lovely,lovely podcast.

  5. I'm surprised that no one mentioned that Mae West's 1938 film Every Day's A Holiday has her as a nightclub entertainer Peaches O'Day who pretends to be another nightclub entertainer known as "Mademoiselle Fifi." She even sings the same Coslow song "If Want To Make a Hit With Fifi."


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