Monday, October 21, 2019

Episode 19: Two of the Four of the Three Musketeers

The party of the first part shall be known in this episode as the party of the first part. How do you like that? Pretty neat, eh?

Official description: "This month we take it easy and discuss only half of the team, Groucho and Chico. We listen to and deep dive into all their great scenes well as the one from At the Circus. You'll learn why perhaps their most famous encounter isn’t really a Marx scene at all. We also introduce a new feature where we reveal our latest and greatest Marx Brothers revelations."

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  1. Half way through, and thus far the most egregious omission is the chaufer exchange in HORSE FEATHERS. You even START the podcast with that audio, but never discuss it in the HF section. It is perhaps one of my fav logic twists that Chico employs.
    Other than that - so far so good, guys!

    1. Hmmmm - could that be WHY the podcast starts with that clip?

  2. Also - re Groucho's impression of Chico at the end of the Tutsi Fruitsie scene - he dies another one in everyone's favorite film, GO WEST. During RIDIN' THE RANGE he sings "Oh he should-a shot-a the stork-a when the stork he brought-a you"

  3. Chico's makeup is very reminiscent of the heavy makeup used in the silent era (see also Oscar Shaw's makeup). Since this is an extremely early talkie could it be that the movie makers were still trying to determine what makeup would work best in the new medium.

  4. Oops another comment (as I'm listening). The staging on ADATR is all wrong
    1) Sunup is going off at 10 to 1 even though "he wins all the time". A horse with that kind of winning history would NEVER go off at 10 to 1
    2) While discouraging Groucho from betting on Sunup Chico says the odds are 2 to 1. Goof?
    3) Have you noticed that there is no one going to the betting windows during the scene? Either this is a poorly attended track or Chico and Groucho have went to the VIP lounge (where they accept $2 bets? Even in 1935?)
    4) Between the call to the race (trumpet) and the time that Groucho places his bet on Rosie, less than a minute expires. Since the trumpet only brings the horses onto the track, not to the starting line, and since a thoroughbred race last a little more than two minutes this is poor timing in the skit
    5) And to get really picky, I've never been to a track where the clerks in the betting booth would accept your bet if you gave the name of the horse. Only the horse's number.

    OK I'm through.

  5. 6) I think Groucho's mustache is fake.

  6. Is it my mistake, or does Groucho twice start to call Chico "Rufus" (or "Ravelli") during the Why A Duck exchange? ("Look, Ruf--") And I find it interesting that Groucho starts to screw up the "fronting the water" line, but they didn't do another take.

    1. Yes....Matthew addresses this in the podcast. While filming The Cocoanuts, they were also performing Animal Crackers onstage, so his confusion is somewhat understandable.


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