Saturday, August 3, 2019

Episode 17: Hail and Farewell

Apologies in advance, friends, if we don't dislike Room Service quite as much as you do. Anyway, listen to us talk about it for two hours, and let us know if the experience causes you to: a) like Room Service more, b) like Room Service less, or c) hate the Marx Brothers Council Podcast and vow never to spend another minute listening to these three babbling wiseguys. We hope it's a) or b), and that this episode doesn't drive you to your death just as it drove Leo Davis.

Official description: "This month we take a deep dive into the misunderstood Room Service, perhaps not the best Marx film, but the one with the most interesting backstory…as well as the most frustrating compromises. Matthew enlightens us on how it almost became more of an authentic Marx vehicle, and how it almost became less of one. Bob is surprised by his reaction to the film, while Noah leads post-graduate courses on New York theater, and the word frowsy.  Special guest stars: Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick."

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Footnote for this episode:

See you next month! Till then, godspeed and hail and farewell, but definitely not jumping butterballs.


  1. I think that the Marx Brothers not really wanting to be "The Marx Brothers" after RACES may be a missing link in one's understanding of what happened with their later films.

  2. Imagine! We could have had Groucho or Chico saying "What Elephant?"!(Or maybe even Harpo!).

  3. Wonderful work yet again, gentlemen. To answer your questions: Groucho is reaching for the table between Sasha's legs, not grabbing his privates. And the bread that "Dr. Binelli" is dropping into Faker's mouth is to treat the tapeworm he now has. To be specific, the "red headed tapeworm."

  4. Greatly enjoyed. Like Bob, I've only caught portions of Room Service over the years, grousing at its failure to be a real Marx Brothers movie. But I am inclined now to go back for a full viewing.
    Unsolicited idea for a future episode: you've all ranked your favorite films, but if, like me, your initial passion for the Marx Brothers was ignited by one-of-a-kind lines in one-of-a-kind contexts (like "Love flies out the door when money comes innuendo") perhaps you could do an episode on favorite lines and gags from all the pictures that can only work (or work uniquely) in a Marx Brothers world, discussing the set-up, context, delivery, twists, etc. of the gags, how they work, and what makes them almost unimaginable in the work of another comedy team. Thanks for the podcasts.

  5. OK, so something different is dubbed over in the finale. But is the scene when they first start singing---in the hotel room when Davis has "died"---is that overdubbedd too?


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