Thursday, December 27, 2018

Episode 10: The Marx Brothers in the 21½ Century

Here we are again, friends, hoping everyone had a Marxy Christmas and is ready for a Harpy New Year. Our tenth proper episode (but our twelfth if you count our two highly improper bonus episodes), and our final episode of 2018, looks to the future.

Here's Bob's official description: "Hmmm…what could this be? Chico leading a Mars expedition? Zeppo getting a talent transplant? No, actually we take a look at the Marx fandom, past, present and future. Where are the new fans coming from, where are the older fans going? Does their humor hold up, and is it becoming too politically incorrect? We promise you won’t be surprised by our answers. Later, we pepper each other with questions that we haven’t prepared for…and see how much of the show Bob can save in editing."

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  1. Thanks for another enjoyable podcast. And thanks for reminding me of the Saturday nights that I stayed home, trying to tune into the Harold Lloyd show, from a tv station just a wee bit out of range. Happy New Years, boys!

  2. "Who were the Marx Brothers?" "Well, you know those glasses with the nose and moustache attatched?"

  3. Matthew's LOVE HAPPY observation reminds me of when I first saw 1930s MAMMY with Al Jolson, in 1965. It was only 35 years old, but to me it looked about 100! And it got me hooked on old movies! Do things from 1983 look as old to kids today?

    1. I started showing my daughter Laurel and Hardy movies when she was 5 years old. As such, she appreciates and enjoys old movies. But while she loved L&H, the Rathbone-Sherlock Holmes movies, and even Peter Lorre, the Marx Bros have always left her cold. I mean zero laughter.


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