Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Any Questions? Any Answers? Any Rags, Any Bones...

What will be the content of Episode Eight of The Marx Brothers Council Podcast?

This is much too important a question to leave in the hands of such unsavory characters as the show’s  producers and co-hosts. For that reason, and also because we couldn’t think of anything else, we’re leaving it all up to you, and will spend Episode Eight answering whatever questions you'd care to ask — about the Brothers and their career; the podcast; the co-hosts and their middling achievements and infuriating opinions; or anything else that may warrant, or not warrant at all, an answer.

You can ask questions anonymously, or send us a video or audio file, here.

You can ask questions publicly in the Marx Brothers Council Facebook group, here.

You can even ask questions in the comments section of this very blog post.

And of course, just because we’re asking for questions doesn’t mean you have to give us one. Feel free to offer an observation, a thesis, a conversation-starter, or anything else you’d like us to respond to, and let’s just see what happens, okay?



  1. Imagine a parallel universe where the three of YOU were the original Marx Brothers, Bob, Noah, and Matthew. You're playing cards with a certain monologist named Art Fisher, and as he deals the cards he gives each of you a nickname ending in "O" based on your own personalities or interests. What might they be? For fun (or if not fun, then certainly a good way to use up podcast time, however ill-conceived), choose one secretly for each other and one for yourself, then read them all out. Is your co-host's choice true to what you'd choose for yourself? Is your co-host every bit as uncanny as Art Fisher? Is it true that you don't know beans about each other? Is it true you used to dance in a flea circus?

  2. Too late for another?

    NIGHT IN CASABLANCA - the tour. Where did they go? Was it as helpful as they earlier tours? What changed thru the process? How many Frenchmen can't be wrong?

    Thanks! Love the podcast.


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