Sunday, September 30, 2018

Episode 7: Too Late, That's Monkey Business Already

Matthew, Noah, and Bob over-analyze Monkey Business, the Marxes' first film shot in Hollywood and first written exclusively for the screen. You’ll learn how many stowaways are singing, if Siri knows who played Alky Briggs, and in what century the portable lighter was invented. Musicologist and Zeppocologist Andrea Orlando stops by to offer some much-needed informed insight.

End Music: “I’m Daffy Over You,” performed by Josh Max.

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Via YouTube:

Here's the still referred to by Bob in this episode -- apparently showing an elaborate deleted gag from the barbershop scene in Monkey Business:

And here's the beloved "Theatrical Agency" sketch, written by Herman Timberg for On the Mezzanine, later included in I'll Say She Is, and thankfully committed to film in 1931 (with some small adjustments) for Paramount's promotional feature The House That Shadows Built:


  1. Wonderful episode gentlemen (and Lady!) Keep up the good work.

  2. After a second listen - I still like it!

    I cast my vote that the cowboy at the party IS Sheekman.

    And I remember noting, on my first viewing, BOTH mirror shots. (The one of Thelma in the stateroom and in Briggs' hideout)and thinking that was rather innovative for the time.

    Thanks again!

  3. Having little to do but nurse my sore back today, I finally had the chance to relax (sore back and all) and check out the latest podcast. As always, wonderful.

  4. There absolutely no way Zeppo would have been given such a prominent singing part over his older brother. No matter what your guest Andrea says. That's Chico leading the singing, he's doing it with his "bad" Italian accent. You can hear Groucho's nasal singing voice in response and there's an almost whispered third voice along with Groucho.
    The loud crazy voice?? You really don't think that it's Harpo?
    That's the whole joke!!??!!


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