Monday, March 26, 2018

Episode 1: The Magazines Leave the Depot

Well, we'd might as well get on with this thing. The all-new, all-talking, barely-awaited inaugural episode of The Marx Brothers Council Podcast is now available for your listening pleasure, or pity:

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We hope you're pleased with this introductory installment of The Marx Brothers Council Podcast, or at the very least, we hope you don't dislike it too much. Either way, express your opinions, share what you'd like to hear in future episodes, and make disparaging remarks about the hosts in the comments section of this post, or on Facebook at The Marx Brothers Council.


  1. THAT was a wonderful opening episode! For the next installment, I plan to actually listen. Well.... maybe.

  2. Great podcast. I look forward to future episodes. I, too, have tried to rank the films. I have found that once you get past #10 the others all rank equally (Room Service, At the Circus, Big Store).

  3. Two hours of “Is this thing on, is this thing on??”

  4. Great first episode! It was worth every penny I paid to listen. It was almost as brilliant as "Skidoo"!

  5. Congratulations on producing a podcast that is notably convivial, well-considered, and well-expressed. In short, great fun. You are indeed starting on a high note and I wish you great success with your future efforts. Thank you for taking the time and the care that went into this. And, what's more, I forgive Matthew for the "dig" at my expense that he manages to sneak in during the podcast's last gasp. Slander I've grown accustomed to, gentlemen, but if I'm not mistaken this may well constitute libel. ;>)

  6. As Allan Sherman might say, Van Nuys, Van Nuys
    Thanks for one less hour of sleep tonight

  7. Enjoyable stuff, it felt like three people sitting in convivial surroundings discussing their favourite subject, which is, of course, what it was. Some of the views aired I found myself nodding at your sagacity and some I heard with positive outrage, failing to understand how you could so blatantly miss the point.
    I hope you haven't run out of things to say and I'm looking forward to hearing Joe Adamson on the Marx Brothers.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Wonderful to hear you fellows. Reminds me of the mid 1970's when we stayed up all night to discuss and hash out all the points of topic you brought up...bravo! Looking forward to more.

  10. Excellent work by these 3 mavens. Just when you thought that you knew everything about the Marx Brothers, along comes this informative podcast. Can’t wait for the episode 2.

  11. I just realized that I never really did rank all the films in the podcast, so here we go...

    1. Animal Crackers
    2. Duck Soup
    3. Horse Feathers
    4. Monkey Business
    5. A Night at the Opera
    6. The Cocoanuts
    7. A Day at the Races
    8. A Night in Casablanca
    9. At The Circus
    10. The Big Store
    11. Go West

    I'm not going to put "Room Service" and "Love Happy" in this ranking because they are such outliers that it's not fair to compare them to the others. Let's just say that they are worthwhile for the Marx fan who knows what to expect...and I enjoy both, particularly "Love Happy".

  12. Hi Guys,
    Great job of starting broadly and leaving yourself room to deal with the minutiae later. I do have to disagree about one thing -- I have a strong sentimental attachment for Lydia as Groucho enjoyed performing it later in life. Go Gazoo.

  13. Where has this been all my life!! I feel complete, Thanks for this gift of Marxian mirth...

  14. Council Members and Members of the Council:

    Congrats on the first podcast! Very well done and a delight to hear. My only “who asked you” comments are that:

    1) I was thrilled that you all hold Animal Crackers in such high esteem. It’s my fav and I’ve grown accustomed to it being passed over in favor of DS and ANATO.

    2) I enjoy At The Circus and was surprised that it was so low on your collective lists.

    3) One of the high points of A Day at the Races worth mentioning is the physical genius Groucho displays when he falls in the chair having dinner with Esther Muir.

    Also bravo (was he another brother?) on The Annotated Marx Brothers!

    Thanks and I’ll be listening in for sure.


    Monroe Quinn

  15. Also a great show. Looking forward to more.

  16. T-1 Animal Crackers
    T-1 Cocoanuts
    T-3 A Night At The Opera
    T-3 Horse Feathers
    T-3 Duck Soup
    06 Monkey Business
    07 A Day At The Races
    08 Room Service
    09 The Big Store
    10 A Night in Casablanca
    T-11 At The Circus
    T-11 Go West
    T-11 Love Happy

  17. Just found these podcasts recently while researching anything on my new found love of all things Marx Brothers. Covid lockdown sure gives us time to find some new and interesting things to do! I am loving this first podcast and looking forward to hearing all of them.

  18. I just found your podcast. I'm really enjoying it!

    Here's my ranking of the Marx Brothers movies:

    1. Animal Crackers
    2. Monkey Business
    3. Horse Feathers
    4. A Day At The Races
    5. A Night At The Opera
    6. Duck Soup
    7. Room Service
    8. The Cocoanuts
    9. A Night In Casablanca
    10. Go West
    11. Love Happy
    12. The Big Store
    13. At The Circus

    Keep up the good work!


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